Treasures of the Caspian Sea

The company

Providing comestibles of the highest order

Princesse d’Isenbourg commands the respect and custom of connoisseurs throughout the world and is increasingly viewed as one of the very few reliable sources of fine comestibles.

Our philosophy

We are a commercial EU Caviar entity with a definitive tendency for aquaculture Sturgeon Roe produced from and within the European Community.

Their prevailing Health, Hygiene and Safety Laws are infinitely more progressive and preferable to those from other worldly parts

Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Anything less is

simply unacceptable

Our Origins.
And where
we want to go

Between the late 80’s and 90’s, Princesse d’Isenbourg had been awarded the accolade to work directly with “SHILAT”, the official Iranian Fisheries Organisation, and became their sole UK distribution agent for Shilat’s Iranian Caviar. Only the finest Caviar deserves the Princesse d’Isenbourg label.

Charitable activities

avid supporter of several charities

Thanks to worldwide conservation efforts, millions of people are working to
protect endangered species. As a proud supporter of the C.I.T.E.S. Agreement, we
hope you’ll join us in building a more sustainable, ecologically sound global
environment for years to come.

We extend to foodies and lovers of the finest provisions, a service that ensures delivery to be of a standard only achieved under the very closest direction and personal supervision of our company’s associates.